Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to solve illegal immigration

I put this off so it could be part of a larger work but one of my readers wants to know what can be done about America's race problems.

So I will offer one brief solution to one small aspect of this enormous problem.

Step 1: write a law that taxes landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. Make the tax enormous and cost prohibitive so that no landlord will rent to them. Have it collected by private business entities so that way you create a new industry lobby that will fight against any attempt to repeal the law in the future. (It works with private prisons).

Step 2: gather signatures and place your bill on the ballot as a ballot proposition.

Step 3: illegal immigrants flee your state because they cannot find housing.

Step 4: repeat in all other states.

Step 5: invent hundreds of new PRIVATE industries that punish the left / redistribute its wealth / tax its redistribution / tax profits from lawsuits, etc.

They need to be PRIVATE industries because every time you subsidize an industry or outsource a function of the state to the private sector you create a lobby that changes the composition of the Deep State. Basically, the deep state is the sum of its lobbies. The left hates private prisons and defense contractors because they are right-wing organs of the Deep State. The only reason the Deep State is left-wing is because its institutions are left-wing, and the only reason its institutions are left-wing is because the nature of those industries demands left-wing ideological justifications.

Principle # 1: Power is made out of feedback loops.
Principle # 2: Feedback loops need ideological justifications.
Principle # 3: The type of industry each lobby is in determines whether it is inherently "left-wing" or "right-wing."
Principle # 4: The balance of industry lobbies determines if the state is "left-wing" or "right-wing."
Principle # 5: In right-wing states it will be nearly impossible for the left to make headway, in left-wing states it will be nearly impossible for the right to make headway.
Principle # 6: Victory over the left can only be achieved by changing the balance of institutions that are plugged into the state as feedback loops.

Inherently left-wing institutions / activities / feedback loops.

Subsidized universities
Teachers Unions
Large businesses receiving subsidies
Any large classes receiving handouts
Welfare, including corporate welfare
All unions, including civil service unions
Protected classes

Inherently right-wing institutions / activities / feedback loops.

Slave Plantations
Privateers (private pirates)
Tax farmers
Private enforcement of law
Private prisons
Private legal codes
Private roads
Small businesses
Private armies, mercenaries

Handouts to industries, businesses, unions, etc., are always left-wing. Privatization is always right-wing. Whenever a power is owned it supports right-wing government and right-wing ideology. When it is used as a cash machine for unproductive interests is becomes left-wing. A publicly funded university will be more left-wing than ones that takes no state money. A publicly administered prison will be run by a left-wing union, while a privately owned prison will be run by right-wing management. All these institutions then feed money back to politicians as campaign contributions. Thus, the deep state is either left or right based on the balance of its institutions. Changing the balance of institutions, and creating right-wing feedback loops is the key to conquering the Deep State.

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  1. Calais Jungle is proof that this won’t work. some will leave but most will make slums

  2. Forcing the Illegals into Capital properly?

  3. "Have it collected by private business entities so that way you create a new industry lobby that will fight against any attempt to repeal the law in the future."

    They will also fight to lower the prohibitive tax into one that maximizes revenue unless you pay them the same no matter how many landlords they bust, which kinda defeats the purpose of privatization.

  4. Wow. All you people suck and have no imagination. Like I said in the previous post, "Nothing will happen and no one will do anything I recommend."