Monday, April 23, 2018

The socialism of sex

When one examines sexuality relative to economics, a comparison immediately becomes apparent; female sexuality is similar to capitalism while male sexuality is akin to communism. Let me explain.

Male sexuality is communist and egalitarian because, "everyone gets a dick." And like communists, men are violent, overly preoccupied with politics, and secretly obsessed with the "unequal distribution of pussy." They like to debate, eagerly use force against one another, are obsessed with the winners who take all, use insults to cut each other down, and ruthlessly steal women (resources) from each other. Like communism, male sexuality cannot produce anything directly, and its whole doctrine is parasitical.

Female sexuality, like capitalism, is seductive, relies on advertising, produces a winner-take-all distribution, has a high payoff, requires work on the part of the customer (men), and inspires a religious devotion in the ones consuming it. It is commodified, it is an asset that can be used to produce income through prostitution or marriage, it is fought over, and it is regarded as a form of wealth to have. Through birth, female sexuality produces more people, and thus, it is both an asset and means of (reproduction).

Because men are drawn to women, men are far more drawn to capitalism than women are. And because women are drawn to men, they are far more drawn to communism than men are. Men and women differ in their politics because they differ in the sexualities. Their politics point in opposite directions because their sexualities point to each other.

The most masculine man is sexually communist, spreading his resources (sperm) to as many women as possible, while the most feminine women is the most capitalist, reserving her eggs only for the most successful male.

Women inflict sexual capitalism on men, producing toxic masculinity directly in proportion to the level of rejection a man faces. The more rejected a man, the more toxic he becomes (relative to his believed entitlement to sex). Men give sexual socialism to women, producing an easy life for the slutty. Weirdly, women expect the economy to work like their sex lives, with abundant resources (dick) everywhere. Men expect the economy to work like their sex lives, with a scarcity of both pussy and money. Men are thus better prepared for earning money because their sex lives are harsher than their working lives, and making money is easier than getting laid. Women have easier sex lives than working lives, and are conditioned to hate capitalism as a result.

The economy is capitalist because male sexuality is socialist; if abundance were ever produced the widespread availability of dick would produce so many babies that the population would rise to consume the abundance. The economy is also capitalist because female sexuality is capitalist; the hypergamy of women guarantees the winner-take-all distribution that reinforces the ruthless pursuit of resources by men. As women favor men with wealth, power, and success, so does the economy, and the more feminine the sex lives of a people the more capitalist their economy will be. Last but not least, the economy is capitalist since humans face selection at the individual, rather than the hive, level — we are social animals — not eusocial animals. The economy is also capitalist because ruthless competition out-competes non-competition.

Male sexuality is the basis of government because government is based on the theft and domination of an economy by cooperative parasitism. Government, (with the exception of anarcho capitalism) is always more communistic/collectivist than capitalism. The Y chromosome piggybacks on the X for survival, as the government rides the backs of the people for power.

Capitalism is a system for rationing entropy using certificates (money). The more certificates/money you have the less entropy. Everyone hates capitalism. Misogyny exists because the expression of capitalism in a man's life comes most prominently through the capitalism of female sexuality. Women hate capitalism directly, which is to say that women hate female sexuality indirectly by hating capitalism directly. Since female sexuality is the source of capitalism women intuitively grasp this fact and hate each other.

Misogynists hate female sexuality directly. Capitalism/female sexuality gets blamed for the entropy of nature that it had no part in creating, because it is the surface manifestation of that entropy, and people only see the surface. Eggs are more expensive than sperm, thus eggs are scarce, thus female sexuality delivers the entropy of nature more than male sexuality, thus female sexuality/capitalism gets blamed rather than male sexuality, thus misogyny and communist sentiment.

The sexual dynamic of female sex selection produces an exponential curve where a tiny number of men get a lot of sex. But this effect is inherited from the past, and much of male sexual success in the past was linked to coercion. There are two types of men; those that can get them but not keep them, and those that can keep them but not get them. We call the first type "alphas," and the second type "betas." The first type (alphas) ruthlessly attacks the self-esteem of the second (betas) because the first type has very little to offer women, and is more trouble than it is worth. The second type only has low self-esteem because of the first type. Everyone, women, alphas, and betas, knows alphas are shit, that they are bad for civilization, and that they are impossible for women to live with. But the confidence trick works, and so alphas persist.

Civilization as a process is akin to a conspiracy between women and alphas to gaslight betas into thinking alphas are more desirable, but it isn't really a conspiracy because women don't have enough agency to conspire with anything. The alpha male pulls a con job on the whole civilization; convincing both women and beta males that he is the best, and then offloading single mothers onto beta males. But the betas are still reproductively more successful, since they are objectively better at caring for children, and so they dominate numerically if not psychologically.

The genes for rape are undoubtedly also the genes for male aggression, male violence, and male dominance, and these genes are being shredded by abortion.

One has to understand that there are four categories of preference expressed across two types of people.

Four categories;

Stated sexual preference (who cares?)
Revealed Sexual preference (Chads)
Stated reproductive preference (Chads)
Revealed reproductive preference (Betas)

Two types;


Whereas in the past, a rapist could be reproductively successful, today this is unlikely. As the genes for male dominance are exterminated at the world's clinics we shift to a more equal distribution of sexual resources, to a more "beta" world, to a less violent world, and to less war-like world. Revealed preference is for beta males, even if everyone thinks the reverse, because it is revealed reproductive preference. It is not the children of beta males being flushed out between the stirrups of the OB/GYN chair. The vast majority of alphas males are only sexually successful, but reproductive failures. You can thank abortion, condoms, and birth control for that. As Steven Pinker tells us, the world is less violent than ever. This is one of those nasty little facts that reactionaries need to incorporate into their genetic model. Yes, OK asshole, you get a lot of pussy. We got that. But who is having children? Not your average Chad.


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