Friday, November 8, 2019

Ridiculing the left is God's work

Code is DNA with footnotes. DNA is code that has not yet been deciphered. Factories are muscles, circuits are neurons, AI is brain.

The left is auto-genocidal, seeking it's own extinction through birth control, abortion, HRT, communism, etc. It will get what it wants and the right wing will inherent the earth.

If every open minded high IQ person destroys themselves with technology then it follows the surviving humans will be incapable of misusing technology.

If technology continues to advance and graduates to improving itself recursively it follows that it will reach singularity.

This posits two trajectories: one upward and forward towards a machine future and one downwards and backwards towards an Amish past. One liberal and one conservative, one that gambles with the demon and one that doesn't, one that embraces technology and one that shuns it, one that fucks a sex robot and one that marries a real woman, one without a genetic future and one without.

The Fermi Paradox tells us that there are no intelligent civilizations when there should be millions. The technological gamble does not appear to have ever paid off in the history on intelligent life, and if it has, then there is a malevolent AI waiting for us in the stars. Genes are an uncontrolled code that must always grow. Such growth is very visible through telescopes, as the slow darkening of stars being engulfed by Dyson swarms. It leaves a very visible "black mark" on the sky that we have never seen.

This would indicate that the leftist gamble has never beat the house.

That the house always wins.

And that the house is either an evil AI, or collapse to an Amish level after technologically-enabling IQ goes extinct. For a sentient species to become undetectable after a technological era it would have to lose the capability for radio transmissions, and that means a pretty steep decline in intelligence.

Perversely, the Nazi eugenics program might have been the last chance to guarantee a human, and simultaneously technologically advanced, future. What were the Nazis other than fanatical gene maximizers? The ultimate DNA paperclipper? That makes copies of white people?

If the species has a future, and if high intelligence has a future, it has a right-wing future. Liberal woman get an average of 1/2 more abortions per woman that conservative women, and since their birth rates are below 2.1 the left as a whole has, maybe, 60 to 80 years before near extinction makes them politically irrelevant, and a few hundred before vanishing completely. The future is going to be very, very, right-wing, assuming AI doesn't destroy us all first.

Nothing that destroys itself has any legit moral claims to make, right to exist, or entitlement to power. Leadership belongs to the living, not the left.

The Trump moment represents a template for cleaving the culture in two, so that something may escape the left and survive this process, something human.

Historically, wherever the left has gone, the right has followed, on about a 30 year delay. Trump has shown that there is a formula for holding the line, for maintaining conservative unity against this auto-genocidal force. And that formula is never ending ridicule.

The purpose of never ending ridicule is to free the right from becoming the left on a delayed basis. Pressure must constantly be applied from the grassroots up against the party establishment. Members of conservative Inc. must be constantly harassed, trolled, questioned, and relentlessly driven out of the party. The victory is not even so much political change, though that is needed. The victory is simply not having to castrate your son with hormone blockers, not having to literally suck cocks to qualify for an affirmative action job, not having to whore your daughter to be a "sex worker." The victory is the continuation of your family line when your daughter does not become a sterile cam whore with $200,000 in student loans, not getting fucked by perverts, not sucking HIV cocks at a satanic pedo party for billionaires.

What your endless trolling buys you is simply the right to be left alone, and if we keep it up long enough, a separate culture free to go its own way.

The other day I told a liberal "friend" that I was going to stop watching porn for November. Not stop jerking off, no, just stop watching porn. I want to recondition my brain to be stimulated by normal flesh and blood women, since porn was harming that.

He called me a fucking fascist.

For exercising my right to "my body my choice."

Imagine a culture where the left makes a suicidal decision and the right does NOT follow.

We just smile and wave: "bye losers."

You don't have to destroy yourself just because they are, and ridicule, sweet ridicule, is the key to maintaining unity.

Your trolling does God's work. Enjoy it.

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