Monday, February 25, 2019

Barter Body: adventures in degeneracy

So you want to whore around and fugger people who are way hotter than you, but your a lazy degenerate, and you like your Cheetos a little too much, and your poor as shit and can't afford to pay for it, so how do we solve this?

Well there's a app for that!

You build an app. The way this app works is that you fugger fat bitches and earn points, then you turn around and spend your points to fugger hot chicks. You have to fugger like 10 fat bitches for every hot chick you get, because economics.

Now there are a lot of men who will go hogging for free, so you might think this wouldn't work. But here's the thing, all you have to do it get a few guys who are like 9/10 or 10/10. Most hot guys won't lay with ugly or fat women, so this allows those chicks to earn points and get a piece of hot ass.

Once you have got a few hot men that fat women can't normally gain access to, a rush of hot guys will come in to get paid, since this app allows points to be converted into currency. The cost of hot males will decline, and fat girls will work to earn points in order to gain access to them. This sets off the initial cascade that fuels your network to grow, and as your network grows it gains value as the square of the number of members.

Now eventually your "sexual ride sharing service" (ahem) grows powerful like Uber, and you begin a plastic surgery financing system where people can earn whore points they can redeem for enhancements. Gradually the number of hot people in your network increases, and the network becomes even more powerful, until everyone in the world has a quantified sexual market value, a bunch of whore points, a plastic surgeon, and date scheduled with the supermodel down the street.



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