Sunday, February 3, 2019

The future of natural selection is self-destruction

In the past natural selection was all about external threats; predators, invading armies, bacteria, viruses, criminals, highway robbers, famines, snakes, lions, hyenas, etc.

The future is all about forms of self-destruction that destroy your genes, e.g.,

homosexuality (causes sterility)
hormone replacement therapy (causes sterility)
feminism (causes sterility)
liberal Jews (cause sterility for whites, and even for other liberal Jews)
sex robots (causes sterility)
atheism (reduces birth rates)
porn (reduces birth rates)
xenoestrogens (lowers sperm counts)
chemical pollutants (lowers sperm counts, causes autism)
chasing career and money over having families (causes sterility)
chasing sex over having families (causes sterility in men)
chasing romance over having families (causes sterility in women)
women's education (lowers birth rates)
social justice warriors (causes sterility for themselves, but making family formation impossible)
genetic self-experimentation (causes disasters)

All of these are enabled by technology.

And there are also collective versions of this problem;

global warming
ocean acidification
plastic pollution
mass extinctions
the slow accumulation of nuclear radiation sites from nuclear disasters
the accumulation of chemical brownsites

Going forward every form of natural selection is going to be an invitation of humans to destroy themselves individually or collectively with technology.

A basic heuristic for determining good versus evil, friend versus foe is this: everything that attacks your genes is evil, and your enemy, whether pollution, degeneracy, bad ideology, or collective problems like global warming.

The survival heuristic should be taught in every high school in the world.


  1. We live in a dead age where nothing happens but everything decays. Worst part is almost no one can see.

  2. Darwin always finds a way. No doubt the invention of fermented beverages caused a similar mass die-off, but a few people had genes that made them less susceptible to the ravages of booze, so they survived and repopulated. This time too there will be survivors.

    I wonder if there is some fundamental incompatibility between mass production and human fertility. If so, the future belongs to those who wholly reject the Industrial Revolution, like the Amish.


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